We spent the weekend packing, with the assistance of my Mum and Dad. Before he left, I asked my Dad to take some photos of me with their actual camera rather than my phone. Here’s one of them. It’s starting to become somewhat of a refrain, but I really feel that I can see the difference every week now. Pip seems to be growing fast. Kicking is more defined, proper boots to the rib cage. And then when he turns over, he actually feels like something alive turning over, rather than just butterflies and movement. So, one week left at work, one week left in Somerset. 8 and a half weeks until my due date. I feel like maybe, just maybe, we can start making plans.

Photo by Dad.



  1. I’m jealous of your rib kicks. My baby girl is breech and I would love some rib kicks to let me know she’s turned around! On a different note, I love your glasses ;)

  2. You look great!!! Glad your parents were there to pitch in :)

  3. You look beautiful! Enjoy the next few weeks. Can’t wait to read all about it :)

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