weekend ponderings

just how many baby towels and muslin squares do I need to get?

the last baby list I looked at said 4 towels. Is that necessary? It was unspecific on the question of number of muslins.

Any advice, gratefully received.

(regular whining will resume shortly)



  1. Muslins will depend entirely on how sicky your baby is – but better to have too many, then you’ll always have one on hand if you need it. They will double up as bibs, covering modesty when feeding, shade from the sun, towel for impromptu paddle at the beach! I think I bought a pack of twelve.

    But wouldn’t say you strictly need baby towels. Have got a couple, but use proper towels mainly.

    1. I am really tempted by the Aden and Anais muslins but at £38 for 4 they are not cheap. John Lewis seem to sell packs of 8, so perhaps will try those.

      Hard to tell I guess how many but good to hear you’ve managed on your one pack.

  2. Baby towels?! I’m not even sure what a baby towel is… Mary bought Talia a cute towel with a corner bit, which I think is supposed to work like a little hood, I suppose that’s what they mean…? No reason you can’t use the towels you’ve already got, if you ask me.

    Muslins, however, you can never have enough. I’d get at least two packs.

    Baby cometh! :)

    1. I looked at baby towels and I think they mean the quite thin square ones with a ‘hood’. Glad to hear that normal towels work as well. I was worried they would be too rough and thick.

      I think we will get the White hooded towel with little ears we saw and then make do with our ordinary towels.

  3. I have four baby towels. Two I bought and two I got free in a Bounty pack that they gave me at the hospital (I scammed two bags!).

    I’ve got ten muslins, and feel like I could do with some more but then I have a very sicky baby, and apparently not all babies are as good at vomiting as mine. Thankfully they dry quick, and I’m currently washing baby clothes every other day so I always just manage to have clean dry ones to hand. Before I had a baby I had no idea what muslins were for and if I’d actually use them. I honestly don’t know how we would live without them now!

    1. A towel in the bounty pack? That’s worth knowing. Thanks.

      The muslins seem usefully multi purpose :)

  4. What Cate said!
    I have no idea what a baby towel is either.
    And yes to loads of muslins, I still use ours. I think we had about 10 or 12 to start with. In the beginning I’d go through two or three a day. F was very spewy.
    I used them if I felt I needed to cover up when feeding, as a shade over the pram, to wrap him in etc…

    1. I think we will get a pack of 8 muslins. We can always get more I guess if Pip is going through them too fast! And if he isn’t, sounds like I won’t be short of uses for the rest.

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