Technically less than 10 weeks to go now. And, in the last couple of days, my body feels like it’s grown a lot again. Especially when I’m tired or stressed, I feel quite uncomfortable and my ribs would have me believe that I’ve been beaten up. Tears are more frequent, and quick to appear. Slower to recede. My money panics nearer to the surface or at least more easily accessible. 2 more working weeks left after today, and then a house move, whereon I can start preparing in earnest and resting. Reducing stress levels. Planning. Finalising.

Oh, and maybe I should actually start researching birth. I’m not sure how much longer I can put it off…


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  1. 30 weeks already! Sorry things are stressful, thankfully not too long to go and then living with M and getting ready for Pip. I’m sure things will work out money, birth the move etc. Hugs and an excited hand squeeze. x

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