Things/products I’ve loved during pregnancy

There are one or two products which I have found essential or very useful during pregnancy so, in case it is of assistance, I thought I’d share a list.

*moisturiser/tummy balm – not so much for being anti stretch mark (I can’t tell whether my lack of them so far is down to the creams, my genes or the fact it’s too early to tell) but for comfort. Dry skin stretched taut is uncomfortable and I have found, quite itchy, so having lovely smelling balms or moisturiser to use every evening has been lovely. I have used both mama mio tummy butter and burts bees mama bee belly butter. I have loved both equally; the mama mio butter is more like a thick moisturiser, the burts bees butter is much more solid and sort of melts into the skin. I have also been using a l’occitane apricot Shea butter on my most sore parts where my ribs are feeling bruised and my skin is slightly red.

*dreamgenii pregnancy body pillow. I bought mine second hand from eBay and then hot washed the cover. I found it more useful between weeks 20-29. This past week I have started using another pillow as well between my legs as my torso is long and my pelvis is more and more achy. Pip appears to be causing my ribs to feel quite bruised as well so plenty of pillows is helping my sleep.

*electric blanket. I started using this when my lower back started to ache and it’s really helped, both with my aches and with my quality of sleep.

*naturecare panty liners. These liners are cotton, organic and free from plastic and really do make a difference. Some of the more unpleasant side effects of pregnancy are increased discharge and, sadly, sometimes peeing a teeny tiny bit when sneezing. Let’s just say these have been essential and if I could find somewhere on line to buy in bulk, I would.

*Visits to the beauty salon to have my nails filed and shaped. My nails have started growing so fast that every three weeks I go to see my beauty lady Daisy and have my nails filed. It may seem an extravagance but at £6 per time, I find it very helpful with reducing stress levels and my nails always look smart and even at work. Next time I go, I am also getting my toe nails shaped and filed, as I’m now struggling to bend down far enough to do it myself. Likewise bikini waxing, which I have had to do, surprisingly, less often since being pregnant, despite reading that hair grows faster in pregnancy.

Obviously, I’ve still got another 25% of my pregnancy to go, so this list is a work in progress.


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