If I had to describe myself in two words this weekend they would be grumpy and uncomfortable. I’ve spent all weekend trying in vain to find a comfortable position in which to lounge around, to play cards, to sort out boxes of crap that are hiding in the loft so that we don’t have to move them back to London, to eat and then to sleep. I’m not sure whether the uncomfortableness has led to the grumpiness directly, but it’s definitely had a helping hand in my snapping and general pee-d off-ness.

That said, the weekend hasn’t been entirely unsuccessful. Several massive bags full of things for the charity shop have been loaded into the car. All the recycling bins are full (as is the dustbin too, sadly, but some things are just past it and cannot be recycled, offloaded, freecycled or donated) and everything that is now in the loft is packed and ready to be loaded into a van.

Oh, and we have also had several massive fires, in front of which we have sat (somewhat uncomfortably!) eating freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and marvelling at how Pip kicks more when I lie back a bit and give him a bit of room to move.


One comment

  1. Woot! Progress!

    Hope this week is a little more comfortable.

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