Little Pip is eating me out of house and home already and he’s not even here yet. Never in my life have I been so constantly hungry.

I have my first breakfast of porridge fortified with extra calcium and iron before I leave for work and my second as soon as I sit down at my desk. Every week I have a Graze box delivered which provides mid morning snacks for 4 days of the week. And then, by midday I am starving again. I am trying to eat the dried fruit I keep in my desk, or ginger oat biscuits, but more often than not, I’ve eaten everything and I’m resorting to raiding the biscuit box in the communal kitchen.

Lunchtime, and I often buy take-away meals from the health food shop, reasoning that it’s better to eat a main cooked hot meal at lunchtime when my brain is at it’s most active and (between my brain and Pip’s afternoon wriggling) I’m using the most calories. Today I had carrot and oat fritters with potato in chives and sesame, accompanied by riata and cucumber and tomato pieces. I then often have a decaf latte after lunch with full fat organic milk, to keep my calcium levels up. My bank balance isn’t as thrilled mind you, but Marto and I agreed early on in pregnancy that food was so incredibly important to Pip’s well being that I should eat as well as I could. Some days though, I just don’t have time to stop for that long to eat, so Boots are keeping me well in ham and emmental sandwiches with orange juice from their meal deal.

Add to that the enormous amounts of fruit toast, apples and cheese that I seem to eat as late night snacks, the glasses of orange juice and fizzy water that I consume and the myriad cups of decaf tea that I drink at home (and work) and I feel like all I do is consume. Consume and work.

Interestingly, when I had 10 days off over Christmas and I really did very little, I noticeably put on weight. I even felt ‘fat’ and bloated and larger than I somehow knew I needed to be. Granted, it did coincide with Pip’s first real noticeable growth spurt (as my weekly tummy photos will attest) but, as soon as I returned to work and started “thinking” again, I stopped feeling ‘fat’ and bloated. I put on 2 kg in the time off. I don’t know how much I’ve put on since, but whatever weight I have put on feels necessary for Pip and although I feel pregnant and awkward and my ribs bruised from *expansion*, I don’t feel ‘fat’ or bloated.

Ps. If you want a free Graze box, if you click here then your first one will be free. You’re welcome.

This is not a sponsored post, but I should make you aware that if you order a free Graze box, Graze will give me £1 off my next box. I buy the boxes each week at the moment regardless of whether anyone has given me a £1 off though.



  1. You sound like you’re eating incredibly well – lucky Pip! People kept asking me (I’m sure you get this too) if I had any cravings. I always answered ‘yes, food!’
    Also just wanted to pass on one of the nicest things someone said to me: even if you’re slumped exhausted on the sofa with you’re feet up eating cake, you’re still being more productive than you’ve ever been before, because you’re growing a whole new human being!

    1. Thanks Bella, you made me feel a lot better about letting husband wait on me!

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