Cloth Nappies

We haven’t so much made a decision about what cloth nappies to get as a decision has been presented to us.

First of all, a friend has offered us a box of nappies that they have finished with. I can’t recall exactly which brands this contains, but when it arrives, I will share.

Then I ordered one bumgenius newborn nappy from a promotional offer where I paid £3.95 p&p. It’s so very sweet and looks just as easy as a disposable to use.  I guess it will need a liner of some kind and it won’t be staying pristine white for long, but it is very sweet.

Then, today, we had an option to collect some more size one nappies from freecycle. The box contained 14 size one fuzzibunz nappies in a variety of colours, lots of different shaped and sized inserts which I need to work out what goes with  what, 2 size two and 10 size one Totsbots bamboozle nappies, some waterproof wrappers, a box of flushable paper liners and some disposable bibs.

I’m not quite sure whether these cover everything that we need from birth. If we can, I would quite like to start as soon as possible with the cloth nappies but, to be on the safe side, I also bought a packet of Pampers new born size 1 nappies. Mainly because with my Bounty pack came a voucher so they cost £1 and with them a free Boots parenting club* changing bag. But also because I thought we should have a disposable back up.

I wasn’t that keen on getting a specific ‘changing bag’ but given that it was essentially free, I thought perhaps it might be useful for the car or something. It’s actually not too bad but I still think that I will use one of my handbags, as it appears that I am going to have to carry it everywhere with me. That way there will be at least room for my possessions as well as that for Pip. At least it’s not as hideous (or expensive) as the ones I saw in John Lewis with “yummy mummy” emblazoned  in large embroidered letters on the side.

I guess that we also need some kind of bucket, some laundry bags and a waterproof bag to put in the “changing” handbag to put dirty nappies in if required, as well as some disposable wipes. Based on recommendation, I rather like the sound of the Cheeky Wipes.

Have I forgotten or overlooked anything?

*I highly recommend joining the parenting club, by the way. It’s free to join, you get 10 points for every £1 you spend on baby items and they sent me a load of vouchers which have been very useful. We even bought our pram/pushchair on-line, taking advantage of the fact that first of all, Boots were cheaper by £75, then they had a promotion for £32.50 off the price, I then used a 20% discount voucher from the parenting club and did all this on a points promotion day so that I got a further £56 worth of points. Which I then used to buy a microwave steriliser when I saw it at half price last week. In summary, you get  lot for not much effort.


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