Continuing getting organised

Thank you for all your amazing and helpful comments on my previous post.

Marto and I went though all the baby things we have accumulated so far. We put some aside to wash and pack up to keep aside, just in case we have to go to the hospital, and so they don’t get packed in the general packing that is moving to London. The rest we packed up and popped in a suitcase all together, ready to be moved.

We still need to get some sheets for the basket, a baby towel or two, some muslins and the accessories required for nappies and feeding.

That, and decide whether the mattress in the basket is (a) sufficient and (b) whether we need to get a new one, having read that each baby should have a new mattress. Really? A new mattress when I know where it’s come from and that the baby in question only used it for 4 months?

Oh, and don’t get me started on the crap that you can get suckered into. A pre-packed maternity bag? Which doesn’t even seem to contain everything you might need. So you still have to add things like pants to it.



  1. I suspect pants are left out of the maternity bag lists for a reason, primarily being that you may prefer to wear the hospital adult nappy type things post birth while you’re um, bleeding. A lot. Just a heads up. Though you may well prefer your own pants and maternity pads, but sometimes there’s a method behind the seeming madness.

  2. Hhmm. Maybe I will change my mind post birth, but at the moment pants and a maternity pad sounds *far* preferable to an adult nappy.

    Actually, pants have been on all the maternity lists I have read, as well as maternity pads. Primark pants, especially, have been specified on the one from my sister-in-law’s nct class :)

    What surprised me was that they were on all the lists, but not in the pre-packed maternity bags.

    1. I’m with you on the nappies. I remember reading a few American birth stories back in the day and all these women raved about the disposable nappy things you can get from the hospital, and I thought women who’d given birth must *really* have just lost their minds. ;)

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