Despite my best intentions, I’ve not felt like blogging much this past week. First there was the high of celebrating my 30th birthday with some of my good friends at a joint bash. Then there was the low of getting myself home and back to an empty house and back to normal. I collected the cat from the cattery and we both cried the whole way home. I’ve felt like crying pretty much all the time since. Pregnancy hormones coupled with the down after a great event. Who said the blues were alcohol related after a big party?

Meanwhile the pregnancy progresses and Pip grows every day. I am itchy and uncomfortable. Mainly because I feel crap I expect. As I left the party to drive home, the reality of how much life is about to change really started to hit home. The only better thing will be that Marto and I will be heading to the same place once Pip arrives. Now the end of living apart during the week is insight, it can’t come quick enough.


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  1. downtomysoul · · Reply

    Oh I hope the days of living apart pass swiftly! It sucks.
    Hormones play awful tricks I’m sorry, hope you start to feel better soon x

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