This week has been summed up with kicking (Pip) and sleeping (me). Oh, and working.

After tomorrow, 3 days off to celebrate my birthday and then 6 weeks until I start maternity leave. Just a flat to find first and we’re all set. Speaking of which, husband viewed one today and we’ve had to turn it down because it doesn’t have a bath. Which seems a little silly, but I just can’t imagine washing a baby in the sink for more than a few weeks, even with the blooming bath I just bought…

Back soon.



  1. October12 · · Reply

    We use a Puj tub in our bathroom sink. The wee man just hit three months yesterday, I’m not looking forward to figuring out other bathing options because the sink is so easy and nice. 2.5 more pounds on him and he will have outgrown the puj. Guess I should start looking.

    1. Not sure what a puj tub is but will look it up. I ordered a blooming bath because they are so pretty plus work in both a sink and also a bath.

  2. Hi

    I just found your blog and wanted to say hi! I’m 13weeks+5 with our first baby and reading through your posts I’m pleased to find I’m not the only one whose morning sickness (which is really all day queasiness which has turned to getting worse in the evenings) hadn’t disappeared by the 2nd trimester. I’m also intrigued to see what decision you come to about the nappies as we also hope to use cloth ones. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Emma x

    1. Hi Emma. Congratulations on your baby. I think my morning sickness disappeared around week 17 or so, so hang in there and hopefully it will go soon. X

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