Somewhere between Christmas and New Year, Pip really started to grow. I put on almost 2kg, my hip bones disappeared and a proper baby bump appeared which can be seen even whilst I’m sitting down.

Arriving home after our 10 days away, I woke up with a horrid cold. I struggled through work yesterday but by 10.30am today I could do no more and crawled home from work and straight into bed. And so it was tucked up with my electric blanket and a large glass of orange juice that I slept through the last afternoon of my twenties.

2012 brings with it lots of change: I turn 30, we move back to London for my maternity leave and then Pip, all being well, arrives. I hope in that order. Yes, it’s now official. I’ve handed in my request for maternity leave dates at work, a locum has been appointed to cover my leave and we’ve handed in our notice on our beautiful cottage here. Living apart all week just isn’t going to work once Pip arrives and it’s more sensible to be in London for Marto’s job that it is to be here whilst I’m on maternity leave. And so we are in the midst of flat hunting, de-cluttering and preparing.

And celebrating turning 30.


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  1. Sounds like everything is coming together nicely. So exciting that you’re moving back to London, I wondered what you & M would do mid-week. Good luck with the flat hunt.

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