If, like me, you used to be able to shop for hours without even the merest hint of exhaustion, but are finding the fact that this is no longer the case but it catching you completely unawares, you could do worse than realise that mamas and papas on regents street has a cafe upstairs, has free wifi and even serves decaf twinings tea.

Of course, you might have listened to your husband weeks ago and accepted your new limitations. Sadly, not me. I keep on pretending I’m not pregnant and can keep on as before. It’s not the case though. Hence the decaf tea.



  1. October12 · · Reply

    It’s hard when you hit that point when you realize you’re body is no longer under just your direction. I found it wonderful and frustrating all at once.

    Also, we found Mamas and Papas in a big box over here (I live in California) and love the Morph carrier. We fall in love with baby gear and can pretty much guarantee it’s not from the US. UK carrier, stroller designed in New Zealand, European-sized crib. Hopefully more will make its way here in time.

    1. I keep finding the same thing with American baby things. :)

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