Pip. 5 December 2011. 20+4

I was less nervous this time, mainly because I’d started to feel Pip move. Also, I had to rush to the scan and back in between a break in a court hearing I was attending. Doesn’t leave you much time to worry about the scan when your mind is so firmly elsewhere.

We opted not to find out Pip’s sex, preferring to wait until s/he’s born. First of all, I would like Marto to be the first to know Pip’s sex. There’s not many things for a man to do during pregnancy and birth after conception and I would love for him, if possible, to have this. Second, it stops all the questions about names. Third, it makes no difference to me regarding clothes and decorating. Pip is not going to have a nursery {I loved that I read in the Bounty guide that we should get two changing mats “one for upstairs, one for downstairs” – we haven’t found a flat yet but I can guarantee that it’s unlikely to have two bedrooms, let alone two floors} and Pip’s clothes will by and large be navy, grey, white and red mostly in stripes. Whether Pip is a boy or a girl.

So, I lay there at the scan with Marto sitting in a chair squeezed in the side, watching Pip wriggle on the screen. Like a little crab. At times, his feet over his head (like in the photo above) others kicking so that I could feel it against the scanning device. And, when advised to “look away now” we looked at each other, giddy with shared excitement at this little one, on his way.



  1. Such an amazing but surreal moment to see your baby on the screen isn’t it? And very impressed by your ability to wait until the birth to find out the sex. I am way to impatient for that!

  2. Isn’t it just. Very hard to actually connect the screen to your stomach.

    I think being convinced it’s a boy helps. :)

  3. Awwwww!!!!!! *melting*

    Also, your baby is going to be one stylish little critter. ALSO, what in the name of jeebus is the general obsession with nurseries?! As if Pip will care.

    (Also, also, also: Love the new blog look!)

    1. My thoughts exactly (about nurseries, not style, although thank you). Nurseries are blogworthy though, so there is that. :)

  4. So glad that the scan went well for you and you’re bith so excited and happy. and well done for resisting finding out the sex! We caved but it certainly made little difference with the nursery “decor” – our theme is ‘hand-me-down/grateful-for-what-we’re-given chic’. Daughter has carried this look on in her wardrobe too.
    And now the next time you see your baby he or she will be seeing you too!!

    (ps – in our experience husbands have a pretty vital role at the birth. I’m not sure I could have done it without mine – it was a team effort!!)

    1. I think ‘hand-me-down’ chic is also the theme of Pip’s life-to-be. We’ve bought a new pram but everything else so far is of the very grateful for others passing it on theme :)

      I know husbands have a vital support role at the birth, for which I am very grateful as I too suspect I would struggle on my own, I just want him to have any of the experiences he can have for himself. If that makes sense? x

  5. <3

    (And I love the new look too.)

  6. Congratulations! I have just been catching up on your new blog. Feels very weird to read as you are almost following the same times I was with my own pip this time last year. What I love is that you have so many of the same fears and rollercoaster moments as I did, yet we always think we’re the only ones don’t we?!
    It almost makes me jealous, remembering such a new and special time. Except I don’t miss the morning sickness (I LOST a stone during pregnancy!) and of course I now have a 6 month old pip, who constantly amazes me.

    Good luck x

  7. This post was beautiful. I love your decision about Marto finding out the sex first. And exciting that Pip is moving and wriggling and just there so much.

    I also love the new blog look! x

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