Fuck. Half way there already. It really doesn’t seem that long ago that I watched two pink lines appear on a stick one Saturday afternoon in August, almost in disbelief that it was actually positive. Many more people than us have harder journeys to pregnancy but we had started to accept that it wasn’t going to happen without some kind of intervention. Then, just when we’d started the tests and had decided that it wasn’t going to happen. Bamm. It did.

I have only just really got used to the idea that I’m pregnant and that we are really having a baby. I don’t even think we’ve told every one yet. And now, on the down hill slope. Possibly even more than half way as full term is 37 weeks. Even a week on and I can feel Pip’s movements more clearly than last week.



  1. Downhill to the finish line. Or the real start, actually. Amazing.

    1. I know, crazy isn’t it!

  2. How are you only 20 weeks? I thought you were 20 weeks a week or 2 ago!

    1. Probably because this was Thursday not today, and because the app you’re following shows this as week 21 because it is the21st week. 20 weeks completed. :)

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