Last night I had the saddest dream. It was like a mash up song, switching between people I knew who (as far as I know) are not pregnant, and each of them lost their babies at the same time. And all the while I was trying to find a belt for a coat which still went around my waist and had a frightening examination from a doctor which was a bit like a caesarian, but the only point was to check on babies progress.

Since I woke up, I have been willing Pip to kick, to reassure me that he’s still ok. I don’t think my bump has grown much this week, and last night I had really bad stomach pains (of the gas and bloating variety, nothing like period pains) and generally this morning I am just feeling a little anxious.

Still, it’s a lovely sunny morning here, and my littlest sister and her boyfriend are here. So, we will go for a walk on the moor and I will try and forget my anxieties. After all, I don’t really think there is much I can do, one way or the other, is there?


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  1. The way you describe your dream makes me feel like pregnancy hormones have the exact same effect on our brains!

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