This week I am fairly sure that I’ve started to feel Pip moving. Not just a bit of shifting around although there has been some of that, but some proper little kicks. Especially when I’m sat on the sofa having had some supper. I think he’s a fan of spaghetti bolognese.Those kicks were the most pronounced I’ve felt.

I’m trying to talk to him every day. So far I’ve managed “hello darling” when he kicks and every so often politely asking  him to move off my bladder.

Symptoms wise my energy levels were returning when I was struck down by some kind of cold followed by yet another migraine. I’ve also realised that bending down to pick up the shampoo in the shower is getting harder and that we might need to sort out some kind of solution before I can’t manage it at all.


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  1. Oh dear, I hope we didn’t make you ill. :(

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