Things for Baby: Cloth Nappies (part 2)

This past weekend we went to stay with our dear friends the Subrosas. Whilst we were there, Cate gave an amazing demonstration of the washable nappies that she used along with the wipes and the systems that worked for them. Their delightful two year old is now potty trained but Cate is expecting their second baby in January, so she is getting the nappies back out.

I learnt so much from the demonstration, not least that it’s not just a straight decision between cloth nappies and disposables. There are several different kinds of cloth nappies to choose from not to mention many different brands. I think I have decided that we want shaped nappies, probably bamboo or other microfibre fabric rather than cotton. We then need to decide whether we want one size ones (ie. they have a system to re-size so any baby/toddler wearing a nappy can wear them) or whether we wish to invest in sets of different sizes. Lastly, I think, we need to decide whether we will have all in ones (ie. the nappy is one piece including liner) or a nappy with a waterproof wrap.

To be continued…


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  1. Great blog! Hope you enjoy cloth! It’s so much fun.

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