18 week midwife appointment this morning. I heard Pip’s heartbeat and even heard him kick. The midwife showed me where he is and where my uterus is and confirmed all is well. And that the hard lump I cam sometimes feel really is him, although she’s not sure what body part at this stage.

I feel elated. So amazing knowing all is ok and actually hearing his tiny heart beating away.


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  1. Isn’t it amazing to hear the heartbeat! It’s a bit different up here in Scotland so I never got to hear it until my 22 week appt which was after our second scan too but it was so reassuring! I just had my 28 week appt last week where I heard it again.

    My midwife confirmed he was now head down and it’s only this week I’ve started to feel what must be limbs up under my ribs etc which is odd! My placenta is at the front which means I dont really feel / see any kicks from the outside but least i can now feel lots inside!

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