I can hardly believe that 16 weeks of pregnancy have already passed. I’m certainly starting to feel better and have more energy. Apparently, my skin even looks pretty good too.

We’ve told quite a few people the news now, mainly as and when we’ve seen people. Lots of friends who I only see occasionally still don’t know though, as I’ve been lying low in the countryside and not making many trips up to London.

The biggest group of people who don’t know yet are my colleagues. Obviously HR and the management know, as does my secretary. But that leaves 15 odd people who don’t officially know. I can’t decide if people are suspecting, assuming they are interested enough to care, as I think I look larger than usual and have had to abandon the majority of my previous wardrobe including high heels, or whether no-one has given my expanding waistline a second thought.

Which leads me too this. Should I tell them? And if so, how? And when? I was hoping to get to the 20 week scan but that’s 5 weeks on Monday at almost 21 weeks. I rather suspect I may have grown a lot by then, as I have read the baby is supposed to double in size in the next 3 weeks.

Any advice?



  1. Is there a reason you wouldn’t tell them? I mean, there will most likely come a stage when it’s pretty obvious, so f you don’t want to, I’m sure they’ll work it out!

    I told most people I worked with, the people who I knew well. Others, it sometimes wouldn’t come up (if we didn’t talk about personal things) and so eventually as I got bigger, they would say’ Oh! I didn’t realise!’

    Either way, if you’ll be there to the later stages of pregnancy, they’ll probably end up knowing one way or the other :)

  2. I would say yes you should tell them, I think people like to be told things like this and it’s nice for people to know from the horses mouth as it were.

    Although, it’s hard to know how to tell people things like this as every office is different. When I got engaged I emailed the whole office but that was what suited my office at the time.

    Perhaps you could just tell people as you meet them in the kitchen and see how the news spreads?

    1. Thanks ladies, I took your advice and told people. They were all women and all excited. More excited than I expected.

  3. Sorry I never got a chance to comment earlier; I would have agreed with the others and told them as you have done; its so much easier when everyone knows.

    I think I told my colleagues just after I had told my boss, it seemed some of them had guessed already anyway!

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