The last two mornings have been amazing. I’ve woken up and not felt sick, managing to eat a bowl of cereal before getting out of bed. Ok, maybe amazing is a slight exaggeration but it’s been lovely not to wake up feeling hungover. That said, I’m still having a massive energy slump after lunch, which I hope I can start doing something about as I’m rather fed up with the lack of productivity in the early afternoon.

We went back to my parents house this weekend. My mum and I got down from the loft a suitcase full of some of my and my sisters’ childhood clothes and went through sorting out which ones might be suitable for Pip in the near future and which ones weren’t going to be suitable at all. Some of the nicest things we found were a selection of little knitted jerseys and cardigans, in varying tiny sizes. These were knitted by my grandmothers, my mother and other friends of the family and were all worn by me 30 years ago and then my sisters. I can’t wait for Pip to be here and wearing them too. There is also a variety of knitted blankets, one of which is coming from my grandmother which was knitted for my Dad by his grandmother.

Pip will also have some new knitted garments. My grandmother has already produced one little cardigan and my mother in law is busy with several little jackets. In fact, Pip might have so many knitted garments he needs nothing more than some little striped trousers and socks and his wardrobe is almost sorted…


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