Progress wise, not much to report this week. I’m still exhausted, still being sick and still trying to find clothes which work and aren’t hideous. Other than that pregnancy marches on.

I bought Pip his first set of babygros, in excellent condition from eBay. I started doing some research into nappies and prams and I also started reading about babies post birth. (I can’t quite bring myself to research birth just yet, but any recommendations gratefully received). This week I’ve been reading about sleeping and colic and the fourth trimester. More to come on that soon.

We went to our nephew’s naming ceremony this weekend. I got in some practice with the baby including 2 baths several nappy changes and lots of entertaining. I need to start learning the words to songs!


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  1. stamp price · · Reply

    I think the fact that my love songs playlist starts with a song called "Makin’ Babies" is scarily indicative of how much I know about love.

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