Also due in Spring 2012…

How can I contain my excitement. These past 14 weeks I’ve been wondering which celebrities would be the same pregnant as me (ha) and now, here we are. All has been revealed. My celebrity pregnant buddy is Sophie Ellis-Bexter.

My ideal would have been Catherine Middleton*, but I’ll take what I can get. :)


*She is 4 days younger than me, William is 4 days older than my husband. It would have been nice symmetry for our first babies to have been born at similar times. Given that my due date of April 2012 is exactly one year after their wedding, the timing would have fitted too. I know. Judge me…



  1. :) I like this game too!

    Sophie Ellis-Bextor is quite a good one to share it with, as slebs go. Pity she’s not more famous but I’m sure the paps will be more interested in her now she’s with bump.

    I’ve shared mine with Lily Allen and Beyonce, although the former is due sometime quite soon and the latter not until February…

    1. :)

      What about Hilary Duff? Or is she Feb too…

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