I keep writing that pregnancy is exhausting. But it really is. My reading told me it should get better now that I’m in the second trimester, but I’ve yet to see any signs of improvement. Morning sickness seems to be getting worse, if anything. I have been sick every morning for the past week, today three times including twice at work.

I remember thinking when my sister-in-law was pregnant that it seemed she was making the most of the pregnant excuse but now I think she may just have been exhausted. Certainly, living on my own during the week means I make the most of allowing my husband to do all the cooking at the weekend and bringing me tea in bed in the mornings. During the week, I am trying to be organised with food and evening meals. My husband has been cooking me things to leave in the fridge to heat up and I also seem to eat a lot of toast and hummus.

In other exciting health related news, pregnant ladies are also advised to have a flu jab, which I duly attended the clinic for today, along with the other elderly and pregnant members of my village. I queued with some grannies and another pregnant woman, at whom I smiled politely and she smiled back and that was the extent of our interaction, in the corridor of the village hall, moving into the kitchen for the jab itself and then into another room for a free cup of tea, sponsored by the local tea shop. The nurses were very kind though. And then I went home and lay on the sofa and watched Sex and the City.


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  1. I actually felt worse when I first entered the 2nd trimester – and was being sick more. I didn’t start to feel less tired until about week 17. That was also when I stopped feeling sick all of the time. I was getting a bit concerned as all the books said at around 13 weeks I should be feeling full of beans. But I’ve found so far that most of the books lie! Hopefully you’ll feel better before week 17 though!! Fingers crossed for you!! x

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