Being pregnant is exhausting. I am sat in a marks and spencers cafe eating a Teacake for energy and trying to recover from spending the past hour looking in shops for some kind of black dress which is soft enough to be comfortable for 4 hours car travel and a course in a hotel, but also smart enough too. Oh and is relatively cheap.

I found something black and finely knitted in m&s which was labelled as a ‘bubble hem merino tunic’ and which I hope teamed with tights and boots will do the trick. My current work clothes still go on but when sitting down I have to wear the waistband under my boobs to have enough space. I do not fancy that for 2 hours at 7am in a colleagues car followed by an 8 hour course followed by another 2 hour car journey back again.

Pregnancy is also exhausting because my morning sickness seems to be increasing, not decreasing. Every morning I am now being properly sick. Yesterday I lay on the sofa in front of the fire all afternoon rising only to pee, vomit and then later bake peanut butter cookies when I felt a bit better.

Still, our 12 week scan results arrived showing a low risk and that pip was 58mm crown to rump. Less than a mm to 58 in 10 weeks is mind boggling. And still he grows, faster and faster. Amazement. And no wonder I’m tired!


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