13+0 on the 13th

I love it when things like that work out. I went through my calender on my phone a few weeks ago, numbering my Thursdays into weeks so I could keep a tally. That was before I discovered iphone apps, so it’s really un-necessary to continue, but it pleases me nonetheless. Funnily enough, it was also 8 weeks on the 8th September. But sadly 18 weeks on the 17th November and 23 weeks on the 22 December, neither of which works quite so well.

According to those apps I mentioned, today marks the start of the second trimester and the fourth month of being pregnant. And speaking of number facts, I am now in the trimester I will be in when I turn 30. That’s right. Not only do I have to celebrate my own 30th birthday without champagne, but a whole series of friends birthdays too.

I welcomed this second trimester with more sickness, stress and cravings.

For the second time in a week, I vomited at work. And would you believe the only female non client toilet is sandwiched between two offices, all of which have tiled floors and the echo can be heard further than you’d like whilst engaging in some secret reason vomiting first thing in the morning. I blame the bin men. As I walked all the way down the road to the office I had to hold my scarf over my nose and I could feel my stomach turning over. I tried to make a cup of tea to settle it, but before the kettle had even finished boiling I was making a dash down the corridor. For also the second time this week, the reaction of a client and the pile of work that must be done caused me to cry with my head on my desk for several minutes.

In addition to all that I have also eaten two bags of salt and vinegar squares, munched several pieces of cold pizza, eaten supernoodles for the first time since I was a student and matched it with a pot of guacamole (which Delilah helpfully polished off when I turned my back). It’s no wonder I’m not putting on any weight, but that’s all I could really bring myself to eat.

And yet, I read the second trimester is the best of them all. The first one wasn’t too bad, all things considered, and really could have been a lot worse, despite the persistent hungover feeling. I’m certainly looking forward to the situation being a lot more obvious, so I will have to tell people. At the minute most people still don’t know…


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