Maternity Clothes: Cost to date (13 weeks)

With the scan safely done and the risks of a miscarriage diminishing rapidly I finally allowed myself to purchase some maternity clothes. Add to this the fact that my work clothes are undeniably getting too tight and I knew I had to start somewhere.

The thing is, I’m trying to spend as little as possible on this baby and pregnancy. I’ve never been good with spending, money or budgeting but the sharp reality is that come April next year my income will cease to exist but my loan repayments won’t {law school loans are a complete bitch. I recommend never taking one out} and so I have to make everything I earn between now and then go as far as possible.

So far, I haven’t got a bump to speak of but I am a different shape. My bottom and thighs have increased along with my lower stomach; not too noticeable to the casual observer but in reality meaning my vests are too short and my work trousers and skirts uncomfortably tight to sit down in. Given that I spend *way* more time at work than anywhere else, the majority of my maternity budget, supposing I had one, would be on work clothes.

So far I have bought/acquired the following:-

3 x long stretchy vests from Tu at Sainsbury = £5 each

3 x maternity bras from Mamas and Papas = £15 for 3 {an offer my husband found}

2 x seamless crop tops from Primark = £4 for 2

1 x racer back long vest from Primark = £3

1 x long sleeved maternity top from Gap = £9

1 x long sleeved maternity work top from Boden = £15 {using £20 store credit}

1 x black maternity work skirt from Marks and Spencers = £6 via ebay

1 x grey maternity work trousers from Gap = £13 via ebay

1 x black maternity leggings from Isabella Oliver = a gift from my sister-in-law

1 x ASOS dress for upcoming weddings and parties = £10

1 x  vest from ASOS = £6

2 x jersey wrap dresses from Wallis = free at clothing swap

= £96

Which seems rather a lot of money to spend on what is essentially some underwear and a couple of bits of outerwear. I was thinking I’d done quite well restricting my spending considering sadly it is all essential otherwise I am going to be going to work in leggings and a long cardigan, which I think would give the office manager heart failure.

What I need is someone who has been working in a corporate job who has some maternity clothes they no longer need in a size 8-10. Anyone?!

I’m also interested in finding other bloggers who are expecting babies at a similar time so if anyone has any recommendations of blogs to read, please let me know…


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