Pip. 7 October 2011. 12+1

I was so nervous as we went in for the scan and not just because I had an extremely full bladder and was very uncomfortable. I was dreading either no baby or a baby that had stopped developing.

“So, you’re definitely pregnant; it’s wriggling around, kicking it’s legs and has a very strong healthy heartbeat” were about the most welcoming words we could have heard right then.

Baby didn’t want to co-operate as much as he might though; determined to remain lying on his stomach and with his legs crossed, we had to walk up and down the staircase in the multi-story car park in order to persuade him to turn over slightly. He did though, and they managed to take the photo above and complete the measurements they needed.

And so, we move towards the end of the first trimester more confident than before, but still with a huge sense of disbelief. I know there is a baby in there. I also know he’s about the size of a peach but I still can’t feel him. My stomach is, for me, a lot more distended but, I would hazard, not to a random bystander. My work skirts are too tight though. That’s for sure. Ebay here I come…



  1. YAY! You’re having a BAYBEE!

  2. A peach! A baby! A peachy baby… How delicious. :)

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