What to wear: Formal Corporate Job (First Trimester)

The past two weeks, dressing for work has been a little challenging. Even with a non-underwired bra on, my shirts have started to gape. For the time being, high waisted skirts have become my best friend. I had to abandon my trousers one morning after I just managed to get them done up but a vomiting incident meant I just couldn’t bear the pressure any longer.

I have been mostly wearing dresses and jackets, or dresses and cardigans. I bought quite a large leopard print scarf a few weeks ago, which I’ve been wearing too, which hides the fact that my skirts are a lot tighter than they used to be and that everything is gaping a little round the bust. I have to say, for an office where my weight loss earlier this year was widely remarked upon, my weight gain seems to have gone re-markedly unnoticed. Perhaps it is to my advantage that everyone apparently suspects that one of the secretaries is pregnant [she has had lots of time off  for being sick and looks a bit stomach-y… ] and obviously two people can’t be pregnant at once or the rumour mill might implode.

All of the pregnancy books that I have looked at say to wear tunics and leggings to work. Which might work in some roles but which is never going to wash in mine. We are not supposed to wear t-shirts, for heaven sake, or jumpers without collars. My wardrobe is largely built around suits and some smart dresses and lots of shirts, cardigans and fitted jumpers.

At the moment, I’m still wearing my normal tights, but just rolling down the waist bands slightly so that they sit on the hips. I did purchase some new flat black patent shoes though, one size bigger than normal, which I have found to be much comfier on a day to day basis than high heeled pumps.

Suits wise, I am wearing my larger suits and the two high waisted skirts that I have, with a cardigan kind of part buttoned over it, to try and disguise my new shape. Which is tiny, but definitely starting to be there. I have also been wearing one of my favourite shirts, which is a YSL one that used to belong to my husband, which is soft but still in great condition, striped and although small for a mans shirt, is quite roomy. Tucked into a high waisted skirt, with a  cardigan part buttoned over it, I think works quite well in disguising.

I think the trickier part is to come; when I definitely can’t fit in my usual suits and dresses but when maternity clothes are still too small. I foresee a few weeks of wrap dresses and jackets and to hell with the formal dress code…





  1. Egads, all sounds a bit nightmarish. I’m intrigued by the highwaisted skirts being more comfy. All of mine are highwaisted pencil skirts (v sexy secretary), so seem likely to be the first where seams rip. What style are yours? (Appreciating our very different body shapes.)

    1. The most comfy one is a tulip shape by J+. The others are just boring suit skirts, not pencil shaped just kind of a line I guess.

      I think anything pencil shaped is out unless made of very stretchy fabric!

      1. Ah the tulip skirt. Of course. I have a deep, abiding love for the tulip skirt.

  2. Sounds like you’re meeting the sartorial challenge. :)

    That middle bit where you’re not quite pregnant enough for maternity clothes is rather difficult, but shop around, different shapes of maternity bottoms fit sooner than others and lots of tops will fit ok even if they don’t look that great until you get a bit bigger. At least you have a good excuse to treat yourself to a few nice bits from somewhere like Isabella Oliver – I think their workwear is lovely.

    I think dresses are definitely the way forward, comfortable but smart, and flexible with tights and jackets as the weather changes. I don’t envy you having to try to meet their strict dress code, but I think you’re right that they’ll have to relax it somewhat for you!

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