10 + 0

Today Pip becomes a fetus, according to one of the apps on my iphone, which texts me every week with an update.

“Congratulations” it told me. “Your little embryo has become a fetus. (S)he is still tiny at just over 3cm long from head to bottom. But, amazingly, she has now completed the most critical period of her development”.

Amazing news. And yet, a quick glance at wikipedia (that fount of all knowledge) tells me that “the fetal stage commences at the beginning of the 9th week” which was last week. Which goes to show that there is still a lot of inaccuracies and vagueness about pregnancy to be found and that maybe I shouldn’t listen quite so anxiously to ‘helpful’ people who have imparted the following:

  • that pregnant women should not eat eggs.
  • Or feta.
  • that all essential oils should be avoided at all costs in anything, especially lavender oil, and I must NOT EVEN TOUCH that hand cream.
Still, leaving aside any unforeseen circumstances, Pip will now be a fetus until he becomes a baby. Isn’t that something.


  1. Amazing! I didn’t even know you were expecting:). Wonderful.

  2. It’s all pure magic and miracle. <3

  3. Also, 10 weeks! 1/4 way through. Golly gosh, time flies.

  4. Aww little Pip. That IS something.

    Wishing you excellent health and good luck, the three of you x

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